Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Red Robin-Style Chicken Tender Salad

We try to steer clear of restaurants because you just never really know what is in the food they are serving.  Is it loaded with extra salt and sugar?  Is there a disgruntled employee in the kitchen?  Most of the chains do not use organic produce (even the dirty dozen).  But I do have to say that I love Red Robin!  I grew up going to this restaurant and eating their chicken tenders with honey poppy seed dressing.  Yum!  As I got older, I started enjoying that flavor combination in salad form with their Crispy Chicken Tender Salad.  However, since becoming a vegetarian many years ago, the days of getting that salad have ended.  That is, until today!

I am telling you, this salad is the best salad I have had in a very long time.  The entire family loved it - even my 3 year old!  Everything can be prepped ahead of time, except for the chicken, making this a very easy dinner.  You could easily add real chicken if you wanted, but I was beyond thrilled with the Gardein.  This recipe will be reappearing on our weekly menu frequently.  It is just so delicious!!

Ingredients (makes 2 large entree salads)

1 large head of lettuce, torn or cut into pieces (we used red leaf, but green leaf or romaine would easily work)
4 oz coarsely grated cheddar cheese
2 large tomatoes, seeded and chopped
2-3 hardboiled eggs, chopped


  1. Bake the Gardein according to package directions.  Allow to cool slightly and cut into thirds.  
  2. Place the lettuce into a bowl.  Top with the hardboiled egg, tomatoes, and cheese.  
  3. Drizzle desired amount of dressing on top.  
  4. Top with chicken.  Enjoy!


  1. i loooove red robin! the first time I ate there I already was a vegetarian so I never to got have any chicken items. but i do love the veggie burgers and the onion ring tower! i cant wait for the recipe!

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