Thursday, September 20, 2012

Homemade Crunchwrap for Daiya's Vegan Challenge!

Daiya Foods has given us a cooking challenge.  Daiya was kind enough to allow us to try their product and come up with a great recipe using one of their dairy-free cheeses!  I jumped at the chance to try something new.

I decided to make a Vegan Crunchwrap and it was AMAZING!  It was so easy to make, and by chopping everything ahead of time, dinner took less than 10 minutes to make!  We even enjoyed it again for lunch the next day because my 3 year old said it was her new favorite meal.  We made it completely vegan and it was amazing!  But the best part is that you can customize it to your own tastes.


Burrito Grande flour tortillas
flat crispy tostada crisps
refried beans
hot sauce (I used Tapatillo)
dairy free sour cream
tomatoes, seeded and chopped
onion, chopped
Daiya pepperjack style shreds
lettuce, chopped

  1. Heat a dry non-stick fry pan over medium high heat while you assemble the crunchwrap.
  2. Lay the tortilla flat and spread a layer of beans in the middle the diameter of the tostada crisp.  Add hot sauce.
  3. Place the tortilla crisp on top of the beans.  Layer the dairy-free sour cream on the tostada crisp.  Top with the tomatoes, onion, Daiya shreds, and lettuce.
  4. Carefully begin making several folds into the flour tortilla in order to completely wrap the contents.  If needed, take a piece of scrap tortilla and place it in the center to close any gap.  Quickly place it topside down onto the fry pan.  Allow to cook until it is golden and remains sealed.  Flip and cook the other side until golden.  

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  1. Thanks for hosting and linking to our FFF party! Love the crunch wrap. It is one of my favorite things to eat :-)