Monday, July 8, 2013

Weekly Menu

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend with friends and family!  I know I sure did.  We had my whole family over to celebrate the Fourth of July and I will tell you all about it later this week.  :)  Today, however, it is back to the regular grind.  We did have a chance to get to the farm for the week and picked up a lovely selection of carrots (I got so many because they were on special!), kale, chard, beets, celery, green beans, sweet corn, cherry tomatoes, tomatoes, Anaheim chile, bell pepper, and white and purple sweet Maui Onions.  With this food, I will be serving the following menu to my family:

  • I will be having a summer version of the Rainbow Smoothie (without spinach)
    • using the kale, chard, carrots, and beets

  • We will be enjoying the celery and cherry tomatoes for snacks.

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