Monday, July 23, 2012

Weekly Menu

We got some tasty fruits and veggies from our local farm this week!  We selected green beans, cherry tomatoes, tomatoes, romaine lettuce, sweet corn, sweet Maui onion, saticoy melon, and yellow watermelon.  As a bonus, we have more cucumbers and basil from our very own backyard!  What a beautiful summer bounty!!  Here is how we will be enjoying these goodies this week:

  • Caprese Paninis with a Sweet Corn Side Salad
    • using the tomatoes, basil, and corn

  • Stir Fry Tofu with Green Beans and Shitake Mushrooms and a side of Japanese Cucumber Salad
    • using the green beans and cucumbers

  • Penne alla Vodka with a Farmstand Greek Salad using the Red Wine Vinaigrette
    • using the tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, and romaine lettuce

  • My daughter and I will be having sandwiches for lunch this week
    • using the tomatoes, lettuce, and onion

We will be enjoying the saticoy melon and yellow watermelon for dessert.  

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