Monday, May 28, 2012

Weekly Menu

There were some wonderful choices at the farm this week.  We selected green beans, kale, carrots, white and purple cauliflower, and strawberries.  Aren't there some beautiful colors this week?  I can't wait for our meals!  This is what we have planned:

  • Orange-Glazed Gardein Chicken with Chinese-Style Green Beans
    • using the green beans and some remaining green onion from a previous trip to the farm

  • Brie Cheese and Roasted Garlic Ravioli with Roasted Garlic Cauliflower
    • using the cauliflower

  • Sweet Potato Kale Pizza with Rosemary and Red Onion with a side of Roasted Carrots
    • using the kale and carrots

We will be making some Baked Kale Chips for a snack and enjoying the strawberries for dessert.


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    1. Thanks! I am really trying to get better at taking the pictures. :)